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I’ve often been called a miracle worker after being able to successfully create wigs

-Rhonda Johnson, Founder

Rhonda Johnson Vaughan



Universal Wig Solutions Corp. was created out of the necessity to serve my community. As a certified hair loss specialist, I’ve run into many women, both young and old, who suffer from hair loss.Feeling depressed and hopeless instead of feeling beautiful, these women have found it difficult to find local wigs that fit their hair texture. I’ve often been called a “miracle worker” after being able to successfully create wigs that are familiar to them.


I’ve had clients tell me how after looking in the mirror, they felt normal and beautiful again. They felt like the hair actually matched the person! What makes UWS unique is our commitment to culture: recognizing that all hair should be represented in all its nuances and understanding that all women deserve to look and feel good. At Universal Wig Solutions , we encourage all of our clients to "walk talk and let your hair do the talking.”

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